Affiliate marketing for ambitious Kiwi brands

Curious Marketer, Hello

If you’re a marketer today, its likely growing your online sales and brand presence are top priorities. Affiliate Marketing is a cost effective way to connect your brand to online shoppers.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliates are publishers that have audiences with specific interests. Like bloggers, platforms, loyalty sites, media, influencers or any site that shoppers look to for inspiration and information.

Affiliates promote brands like yours when they’re relevant to their audience. They use tracked links, and if the users they send to your website purchase or sign up to an offer, you pay them a commission.

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Affiliates open access to new channels for reaching shoppers. Your existing publisher partners can also be affiliates working to deepen relationships by offering path-to-purchase alongside other media.

Why affiliate marketing is important in 2019

Globally affiliate marketing drives 16% of all ecommerce sales, that’s more than display and social media for driving online revenue. New Zealand brands are using it more as the market evolves.

PWC found affiliate marketing delivered $14 in sales for each dollar spent. As a performance marketing channel you pay for sales or actions (e.g. leads) delivered, but benefit from awareness and site visits.

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Affiliates add reach to lower reliance on paid Facebook advertising. They also deliver users with purchase intent, like Google ads, but with affiliates you only pay for visitors that buy something.

How to start an affiliate program in New Zealand

Its quick and easy with an Affiliate Network (like Linkshop). We take care of recruiting and developing publishers, tracking, analytics, technology, payments and access to a network of affiliates.

We provide the tools, technology, relationships and know how to efficiently scale your program to meet your goals. Below is an example of our user-friendly analytics dashboard.

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How commission rates are set

You set the commission rate. It can be a percentage of sales or fixed cost per sale or new customer. We can also help. Rates will vary by industry but should reflect:

  • Your cost of sales in other channels

  • Lifetime value of a new customer

  • Competitor rates in your industry

It could be a flat rate or tailored to meet your goals, for example do you want new customers, more revenue, to re-engage existing customers or grow basket size?

Is affiliate marketing right for my brand?

If you want to grow your online presence and sales, the answer is probably yes! Why?

  • The world’s most successful brands do it, from Adidas to Amazon

  • The risk is zero, as advertisers pay for new sales delivered only

  • You set your commission rates, so remain in complete control

  • The internet is a big place, affiliates help your cover more ground

Our New Zealand affiliate network

Linkshop was founded by successful digital publishers and marketers with a track record of connecting Kiwi audiences to brands. Our local relationships will help get you results. More about us:

  • Best in class, user friendly tech platform with real time analytics

  • Full support with basket integration, robust independent tracking

  • Connect with diverse and well-loved local and global publishers

  • Access our well connected digital experts to help you win online

  • A local team that cares about your success, if you’re big or small